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We are a waste to clean energy solution provider company. We are experts in burning any type of biomass or other solid fuels and producing energy in the form of steam, thermal oil, hot water, hot gas or electricity, individually or in any combination.
Number one energy users, like independent power producers, wood based panel manufacturers, oil refineries, to medium-sized industries, like manufacturers of finished wood products, the agro and food industries, we can find solutions for all of you.
One of our competitive advantages is that our expertise covers a wide spectrum of bio-fuels, including: all types of wood waste, pellets, wheat straw, rice husks, palm oil waste, empty fruit bunches, coffee spent grain,… the list is long. From dedicated energy crops to recycled organic waste, from very wet to very dry, from coarse fuel to fines, all is possible.
VYNCKE is not just a typical boiler manufacturer but a more complete energy solution provider with many references of thermal oil heaters, hot water boilers, steam boilers, hot gas generators, electricity producer and more advanced and combined systems.
Interesting report about the Belgian sustainable energy solutions
"OVERALL ENERGY EFFICIENCY IS IMPROVING IN BELGIUM."  Read More about how we take our responsibility for it ...
Nominated for the "Enterprise of the year"
September 2014
VYNCKE was nominated as a finalist for the “Enterprise of the Year" award in Belgium. Read More ...
LIGNA 2015
11th - 15th May 2015, Germany
The most important event for the timber and woodworking industry worldwide.
RWM 2015
15th - 17th September 2015, UK
RWM is Europe’s premier event dedicated to resource efficiency and waste management solutions. The event is shaped around the demands of this rapidly growing sector and spans each element of the waste hierarchy.
21st - 24th October 2015, MAROC
7e Salon International des équipements, des technologies et des services de l’environnement.
At VYNCKE we hire people not CV's. Being a family company it is not what you know but who you are.
Are you passionate about fire and design ? Do you like to work with other cultures ? Are you strong willed yet humble ? Then we are inviting you to become one of our family Vynckeneers.
We now have a number of positions open throughout the world. Check out our careers section for more details or go to the contact page and contact our local office directly.
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