There is an English saying “You can please some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time”. This is inaccurate. As a single company in a global environment, it is difficult to please everybody because we are such a diverse society with many different ideologies.

VYNCKE overcomes this problem by joining forces with local companies in each region. We bring together complimentary companies where we can provide unparalleled technologies to you. With a strong local flavour and local support you, as our customer, can enjoy the benefits of global technology with local understanding.

Beyond our Joint Ventures, we also have many license agreements and local cooperation agreements that allow us to penerate deeper providing a service and people  close to you that you can understand, work with and respect.

CALLENSVYNCKE is the specialist in integrated gas fired cogeneration solutions for the production processes of industrial customers. We offer complete turnkey projects – study, engineering, procurement and installation which guarantees the total performance of the combined heat and power system. By a brand-independent approach combing the best and the strongest technologies, CALLENSVYNCKE is able to propose the optimal technical solution which best fit our customer needs.

For over 60 years, FORBES MARSHALL has been building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions that work. The company is a leader in process efficiency and energy conservation through technology tie-ups and focused investments in manufacturing and research. It is probably the only company in the world to have extensive expertise in both steam and control instrumentation. The dual expertise helps engineer industry specific systems that focus on energy efficiency and utilities management for sectors as diverse as textiles, food processing, paper, power and chemicals. The company has a presence in 18 countries.


Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, PETRO BIO specializes in designing burners for all types of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels in the 2 MW to 100 MWth range. Employing around 30 staff, the company has developed a specific burner expertise for wood pellet and wood powder combustion.


TRASMEC Company s.r.l.,  founded in 1954, is specialized in industrial conveying systems and loose materials storage.

Since the early seventies TRASMEC has been operating in different fields such as chemical, food, feedstuff and seeds industry.

Afterwards, with appearing of the first particleboard plants in Italy, TRASMEC started its experience in wood working sector. With more than 10.000 conveyors supplied to the production plants all over the world during the last 10 years, TRASMEC can be proud of the unique experience in conveying systems manufacturing, providing its Clients with maximum reliability and technology.


Panel Alliance is a group of companies where each company is an expert in its own field of business, forming a team that is able to supply all the equipment required for PB, MDF and OSB lines. This gives the investor the great advantage of having the opportunity, as well as the flexibility, to purchase the best possible technology available on the market at the best possible price. READ MORE…