Long before Kyoto …

Louis VYNCKE based at the heart of the Flemish flax industry pioneered from a blacksmith in Gullegem to a visionary entrepreneur by converting coal boilers to flax waste fired biomass boilers.

Powered by the success of their father, Michel and Rene VYNCKE moved to Harelbeke, bought an old train hall which still houses one of the company’s production facilities and laid the foundations of today’s VYNCKE.

From the 70’s onwards, the flax commerce disappeared but new possibilities occurred as the wood industry discovered the advantages of energy production from its own wood waste. The international expansion starts with Dirk VYNCKE proclaiming his passion for fire to the world, from Europe to Asia and Latin America.

Today, the 4th generation with Peter and Dieter VYNCKE, continues the success story together with a growing number of Vynckeneers and increasingly complex business solutions.


VYNCKE wants to be the benchmark in partnership experience with all its stakeholders : Customers, Vynckeneers, Suppliers, Business Partners, Society…

This is realized through a continual focus on safety and improvement related to its products, services, processes, first impression, communication, value creation, …

 In our search for continual improvement we use different indicators to judge our progress, amongst which the customers’ satisfaction and feedback are primary key indicators.

The joint and complimentary effort of all Vynckeneers is necessary to accomplish the satisfaction and happiness of all our stakeholders.

We use the ISO9001:2015-standard and ISO45001:2018-standard as a backbone in our (integrated) quality & safety management system, guiding us in our daily operations.

We learn from our mistakes, from each other, from our customers & suppliers.

This results in an evolving set of practices, tools, methods and training effort for managing our company – all in compliance with applicable laws & regulations.