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With over 100 years of experience and craftsmanship in the field of combustion technology, we deliver tailor-made energy solutions to all industries and energy providers, globally.

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The Vynckeneers engineer and build industrial energy plants that convert biomass and industrial waste into clean energy. The thermal energy ranges from 1-100 MWth and electrical power from 1-20 MWe. The energy created either comes individually or in any combination of steam, hot water, thermal oil and hot gas… with or without electrical power generation.


VYNCKE is a 4th generation family business, founded in 1912 by Louis Vyncke. With roots in Flanders, today this global business is organized locally with over 380 Vynckeneers spread across 10 settlements. We have engineered and realized more than 4,300 references worldwide.

A major energy consumer across the world. Food processing facilities often require large quantities of process heat and electrical power to deliver finished food products at the highest quality standards. Most facilities generate organic by-products ranging from sunflower hulls, cocoa shells, spent coffee grounds and rice husks: all valuable fuels for our energy plants that convert these challenging waste streams into reliable and stable process energy.

All the players in the wood industry have one thing in common: vast amounts of wood waste generated from their production processes! This “waste” is at the same time the main fuel for generating energy for the process itself. Our combustion systems are designed to deliver reliable energy flows regardless of the physical properties of a given fuel. We turn solid fuels into energy to produce hot gas, hot water, thermal oil, steam and power.

The days of fossil fuel are numbered! The question is not ‘if’ energy should be recovered from waste (wood waste from forest thinning, urban wood waste, commercial, industrial waste, etc) but ‘when’ will it happen globally and in a sustainable manner! Unavoidable waste can still provide value as fuel. Our energy plants have been successful on numerous occasions to take in leftovers from elsewhere and turn them into a valuable commodity.

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24 – 25 JAN ’24 : BIO360
13 – 17 MAY ’24 : IFAT


With our global presence we provide you worldwide access to our extensive support and service, on a local basis.

We keep your fire burning!

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