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How we do it

1. We assess your needs

We want to have a deep understanding of your industrial process, to know your exact needs of energy and availability of biomass waste. Or maybe you are switching from fossil fuels to biomass to reduce your costs and ecological footprint? In this case we adapt our energy plant to accept a multiple choice of solid fuels.

2. We share our experiences worldwide

VYNCKE has done projects in many industries, sometimes with challenging fuels and fuel mixes, in remote areas or with complicated combinations of energy media in one single plant. We know how to manage the technical risks and offer you unique perspectives.

3. We design and build the plant you need

We don’t have a standard range, because we reckon that fuels, energy media, emission standards and conditions in an industrial process are always different. Based on your unique situation and industrial process, we tailor the energy plant you need.

4. We value getting to know each other

An energy plant is a serious investment and you need to feel as comfortable with your choice of product as with your choice of partner. We welcome you home to our settlements around the world to meet us and to visit references resembling your future energy plant. Seeing is believing.

5. Our detailed engineering is a chance of further optimization

During the engineering phase we will inform you of every additional detail our engineers find that could facilitate operation, minimize total cost of ownership or increase the flexibility for future situations.

6. Manufacturing in-house and by specialists worldwide

The critical components of the combustion- and boiler system are built in our own workshops in Europe or Asia. Additional equipment needed to complete the plant is manufactured by our worldwide network of reliable partners.

7. We always help you with delivery and installation

Whether you choose your own subcontractor for the erection phase or you want to install everything together with us, a VYNCKE supervisor will be around to make sure everything is mounted in a safe and thorough way.

8. First fire, a wonderful moment we share

First fire is a milestone in our partnership. Once the fire has been lit, our commissioning engineer will help you fine tune the energy plant and teach your staff how to operate it. He will not leave you until your staff is ready to take over the plant.

9. Services nearby

When everything is up and running our Vynckeneers help you further whenever needed. For maintenance or spare parts, but also for adaptations and add-ons when you want to change the type of fuel or to increase capacity. We are ready to answer your call 24/7.
Visit our V.CARE page to know more.

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