Supervisory board

The Vynckeneers are neither all-powerful nor all-knowing, so we deemed it both useful and necessary to reinforce our team with external independent directors. All respected in their own fields of expertise they, together with Peter and Dieter VYNCKE, constitute our Supervisory Board.


Civil Engineer. Born in 1957. Has held management positions at IMEC, NUON, EDS and SIEMENS.

Alexander is senior Vice-President Private Label of SONEPAR. As a member of numerous boards and professional associations he has insight into divers corporations, giving him a rich source of knowledge from which VYNCKE benefits.


Economist. Born in 1975. His past experience includes positions as Chief Economist at BNP PARIBAS FORTIS, KBC and PETERCAM, and Chief Investment Advisor at ABN AMRO.

In 2016 Peter became Co-Founder and Managing Partner at GROWTH INC., a strategic communications consultancy firm. He is the author of ‘Growth Makes You Happy’.


Commercial Engineer. Born in 1970. She has held positions at UNIVERSITY OF LEUVEN, CREDENDO and SEGHERS BETTER TECHNOLOGY.

In 2002, Els began a solid financial career at DEME – one of the biggest dredging and offshore wind companies in the world – where she now holds the position of CFO.

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