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Family values


With over 100 years of experience and knowledge, VYNCKE commits to its traditions & heritage. Our strength lies in our commitment towards our values.

Values inspire people to do things that are sometimes difficult, to make commitments that require discipline, and to stick to plans over the long haul. An enduring commitment to values is the greatest strength and competitive advantage family ownership can bring to a company. AMBITION, AUTHENTICITY and ALIGNMENT are the core values that guide the Vynckeneers.

Vynckeneers are authentic and honest in all that they do. For Vynckeneers, trust is an innate instinct, not something that you have to earn! Our responsibility includes not only giving employees and stakeholders something tangible to earn and produce, but also giving them someone to be. This responsibility goes beyond the product and Customer to include our society and the less fortunate in life. We undertake to respect and manage the inevitable differences between family members, Vynckeneers, Customers and stakeholders. As a family business we stick to our traditions and heritage while adapting to the world of our children: Marie, Julien, Andreas, Delfien, Julie, Louise, Romane, Emilie and Gilles. 

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