360° tour – Extended version




Here is a virtual guided tour of a VYNCKE solution that aims in decarbonization of a city by reducing the consumption of natural gas & coal and increasing the reliability on sustainable alternatives. This plant starts from the biomass fuel management system and the pusher feeding system, over the 3-pass vertical water tube steam boiler with a DWS water-cooled step grate and ending with the flue gas treatment system consisting of two cyclones and a baghouse filter.

Today, this plant is connected to the district heating, supplying heat to 50,000 households! This is 1/10th of the city.

2. Wood waste-fired multimedia energy plant

Already the 3rd VYNCKE solution for this MDF producer, this plant was installed to cover the increased energy demand due to the increase in the production capacity. This is a multi-fuel installation designed to burn the production waste. A DWS water-cooled step grate burns the coarser fuel, while the dusty fuel is injected higher in the combustion chamber. Once the combustion is complete, one part of the heat is transferred to the thermal oil heater, while the other remaining hot gases are sent directly to the customer's drying process. After the flue gases have left the thermal oil heater they are cleaned in an ESP filter and are injected back into the furnace where they give the opportunity to control and optimize the combustion process.

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