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VYNCKE’s CFO, Elke Toye, won the CF’Hope of the Year Award

Trends and Trends-Tendances magazines organized this year’s twelfth edition of Trends CFO of the Year. With this award, the magazines aim to highlight the achievements of a chief financial officer.

This year, a new category was created, the CF’Hope of the Year, to highlight a young, promising CFO of a small or medium-sized growth company. We are very proud to announce that the first trophy for CF’Hope of the Year goes to our CFO, Elke Toye!

The jury was impressed by the maturity of Vyncke’s 34-year-old CFO. Elke Toye managed to establish a close cooperation between the different departments of the company. An important realization was the creation of a central database in which all information is brought together digitally.

The project called “The Brain” makes Elke very proud, she told the jury during her pitch, “It was an important step in getting the company ready for the future. All the data is now available daily so we can make the right decisions, and we no longer depend on manual input or one person.”

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