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Peter and Dieter VYNCKE are ensuring the continuity of the family business. They are developing the management team and will no longer assume an operational role themselves. In future, together with their father Dirk, the brothers will focus on the expansion of the industrial holding company above VYNCKE. They want to prepare the company for the next generation and develop the family business into a ‘family of businesses’. 

VYNCKE became a fourth-generation family business when Peter VYNCKE took over as CEO, in 2002. In 2017, brother Dieter VYNCKE also took the helm as co-CEO. The brothers’ dream – to make VYNKCE a benchmark worldwide – has already been realized to a great extent. “We have achieved the desired level of excellence. It is now time for the next step. Familiar faces will appear in operational roles, and we will focus on the holding company above Vyncke”, explain Peter and Dieter VYNCKE.

Familiar faces in new positions

Going forward, three familiar faces from within the company take over new operational roles. Stefaan LAUWERS, COO of the enterprise since 2017, takes over the day-to-day management and becomes CEO. He has already been heading up the company de facto together with the management for some time. Stefaan is followed by Kenny MASSCHELEIN, who has been in charge for a number of operational divisions in his 18 years with Vyncke. He takes over the position of COO. The third familiar face is that of Diederik DUMON. He combines his role as CFO of Vyncke, with that of CFO of the holding company. The fact that the brothers will no longer assume any operational roles, will not present any problems. “In practice, we have already taken on less of an operational position for a number of years now and it works brilliantly. For this reason, this is an entirely natural evolution, and we have every confidence in the strong management team.” Explain the brothers.

Stefaan LAUWERS also looks to the future with confidence: “The issue of waste is becoming more challenging, and our clients are also justifiably looking for more sustainable solutions for their energy requirements. VYNCKE offers a wide variety of solutions and will continue to focus on this area in the future. In addition to building new energy plants, the expansion of our maintenance services and operational support is high on the agenda. The latest digital tools underpin this ambition.”

VYNCKE means to become a proactive industrial group

Peter and Dieter will not loosen their hold on the family business but will instead enable the family holding company to grow into a proactive industrial group. “With the help of the holding company, we are going to make a ‘family of businesses’ out of our ‘family business’, with a view to a sustainable future,” they clarified regarding their role. They will act as company ambassadors together with their father Dirk, and keep in contact with customers, suppliers and the wider community.

All VYNCKE corporations and joint ventures will be grouped together within the holding company. The family industrial holding company is comprised, in part, of the VYNCKE group. The family also participates in four joint ventures, namely PETROBIO AB in Sweden (75%), CALLENS VYNCKE in Flanders (50%), TRASMEC SRL in Italy (10%), and FORBES VYNCKE PVT LTB in India (50%). The holding company also includes the real estate arm of the business, Vinkenest NV. 

The ‘family of businesses’ mission remains: ‘Energize the Industry’, renewable energy for the industry, whether that be biomass, waste, sun, wind, battery power or future innovations. “In our new role, we will go in pursuit of new opportunities for the family, in the form of acquisitions, new ventures or extra partnerships. In order to do this, we will concentrate on business development and networking,” states Dieter VYNCKE. For this reason, Peter VYNCKE relocates to Singapore to be closer to the Asian market.  

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