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We contribute to a better world by providing clean energy solutions to the industry globally, with respect to our nest.





Interested to join us in our mission for a more sustainable future?

Here’s a brief overview of the application process:
1. Share your interest
Start by submitting your application (resume and availability) to

2. Initial Review
Once we receive your application, one of our recruiters Maksymilian FRANCUS or Celine DECROCK will carefully review your application to assess your qualifications and fit for the internship.

3. Get to know your mentor
If selected for further consideration, you’ll be invited for an interview with your potential mentor. This interview provides an opportunity for you to learn more about the internship & connect with your potential mentor.

4. Get ready for your internship
If you are offered the internship, you can expect some training to gear up for your internship. This includes a general training about VYNCKE and tailored technical training to get you ready for your designated projects. Depending on the internship, it might also include a VCA training.


“In my quest for an internship, I sought a company engaged in clean energy activities that offered hands-on experience and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. VYNCKE stood out as the perfect fit, meeting all my criteria. From the moment I applied for the internship, I knew I had found the ideal opportunity, so I was really pleased to hear I got accepted and could start my internship in summer. My five-week internship in VYNCKE’s erection department provided a transformative shift from theoretical academia to practical engineering. Immersed in a dynamic environment, I engaged directly with concepts previously seen in lectures at UGent, gaining invaluable real-life experience. Collaborating with diverse teams and being entrusted with responsibility enriched my communication skills and broadened my perspective. Working alongside seasoned colleagues proved both enlightening and challenging, fostering rapid personal and technical growth. This transition emphasized the importance of practical skills, reaffirming the value of an internship. VYNCKE exceeded my (already high) expectations, offering profound insights and significant personal development. It was an invaluable experience that accelerated my understanding of engineering and prepared me for future endeavors in the industry. At VYNCKE, I felt welcomed as a colleague from day one, truly becoming a part of the team of VYNCKENEERS rather than just an intern.”


“Hello there! I am Thomas Vanderbeken, a 22-year-old currently completing my final academic year in the Mechanical Energy Engineering master’s program at Ghent University. Last summer, I embarked on a five-week internship journey as a customer service engineer within VYNCKE. As an engineering student, theoretical knowledge often dominates our learning experience. Therefore, when seeking a summer internship, I aimed to bridge theory with practical application. VYNCKE not only provided this opportunity but exceeded my expectations.
During my internship, I had the privilege of traveling weekly to different biomass-fired energy plants abroad, alongside dedicated teams consisting of a supervising engineer and technicians. What struck me most was that I didn’t feel like an intern but rather a valued colleague. The team entrusted me with responsibilities, allowing me to actively engage in tasks and contribute to projects independently. Creating the feeling of being a colleague rather than an intern is challenging and something you will often not find in internships. The warm atmosphere on the first day was extended throughout the whole internship. Engineers and technicians generously shared their knowledge, contributing to a steep learning curve. Also, after the workday, I enjoyed pleasant conversations and dining times with my colleagues. Proud to be have been a Vynckeneer!”


“Interning at Vyncke has been an incredibly enriching experience for me. Over the course of one month in Huy, I had the privilege of contributing to the coordination efforts during the erection of a large biomass energy plant. Collaborating closely with dedicated Vynckeneers, I not only gained invaluable insights into the role of a field engineer but also witnessed firsthand the seamless integration of theoretical knowledge with real-world application. It’s fascinating to observe how the concepts learned in engineering education manifest in practical scenarios. Moreover, I realized the paramount importance of soft skills in, among others, effectively communicating with subcontractors and facilitating productive discussions during early-morning toolbox meetings led by the Vynckeneers on-site. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking team at Vyncke. I am confident that the expertise and skills acquired during my internship will serve as a solid foundation for my future endeavors, empowering me to make meaningful contributions to the field of renewable energy.”


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