VYNCKE is a dynamic family owned company, grown to a global player in the sector of clean energy technology. With over 300 Vynckeneers worldwide, we develop and build customized waste to energy plants. Thanks to more than 4.000 satisfied customers and more than 100 years of experience, VYNCKE is a stable company. Moreover, for further growth VYNCKE is continuously looking for reinforcement of our global organization.

Are you a real team player and do you love to take initiative or responsibility ?

Do you share an open international mentality and like to travel ?

Then probably you could be one of the Vynckeneers.

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The ICT Support Agent focuses on the maintenance & support of the users’ hard- and software.  He ensures that the Vynckeneers can concentrate on their tasks with a minimum of ICT-worries and supported by the right tools.  Based on experience he also helps in the maintenance of the ICT infrastructure.  He reports to the ICT Manager.



The cost engineer is playing a key role in the preparation and improvement of new and existing costing & budgeting tools. He monitors the cost of developed products & concepts. He analyses data from our 2 workshops in Czech Republic & China. He executes project post calculations. By collecting, analyzing & communicating essential cost information, he is contributing to the general cost consciousness in the company.



The Project Manager is responsible for the execution of a project according the agreed contract conditions with the customer. His job is to plan, budget, organize, oversee and document all aspects of the project (s). He ensures that the project is completed within scope, time line and budget. He structures the project administration & communication. He directs & guides the project team.
The project manager is reporting to the Project Team Manager.



The Project Engineer supports the Project Managers and the project team during the realization of the VYNCKE projects.  He executes technical, administrative and coordination tasks in order to meet the different project mile stones and to document the processes.  He reports to the Project Team Manager.



The Project Design Engineer is the key technical player in the project team. Your goal is to ensure the correct design of the solution for our customer,within the budget and deadlines. You holistically design biomass energy plants and do the calculations of combustions systems, heat exchangers and auxiliary plant equipment. Together with the Project Layout Designer, you will coordinate and follow up the detailed design of the project.  You will work closely with Project Manager in each VYNCKE project. You will report to Project Team Manager.





The Project Manager is the key person for project execution. Your goal is to plan,budget,oversee and documents all aspects of the projects. You lead the project team and communicate directly with clients and subcontractors.
You ensure the project is completed within scope, time line and budget. You structure the project administration and communication.
You will report to the Project Team Manager.



DNA structure of a Vynckeneer


We have been using the word “JEUNEN” for a long time and what we mean by this term has steadily evolved into better form. Through different exercises by our Advisory Board of Wellbeing and several working groups, we have also been able to define the value of ‘jeunen’ so that it is comprehensible even to the non-West Flemish.

‘Jeunen’ means to achieve an ambitious goal [Ambition] together with other people
[Alignment] while remaining yourself