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As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread rapidly, many governments are undertaking drastic measures to fight back. As a global company, we find it our responsibility to play our part during this period of crisis and contribute in reducing the impact of the current pandemic. As always, our aim will be to protect our employees & their families, our customers and our suppliers, as much as possible.

To keep them healthy and safe, we have adapted our services to suit the need of the hour:

  • Our employees work where possible from home and we have foreseen a minimum occupancy at our settlements, around the globe.
  • Physical meetings with customers and suppliers have been postponed or organized via telephone or video calls.
  • Non-essential traveling is postponed.

Despite the change in our routine, we will do our utmost in providing our customers with the service levels that they are used to and that are expected from us. Our production also continues until further notice and we evaluate the situation on our construction sites on a day-to-day basis.

With a sharp decline in the new cases of infected patients in China, we see how the country rebounds. The news that the life of our Vynckeneers in China is gradually getting back to normal, brings us a lot of optimism.

It will keep us, the Vynckeneers, going.

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